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Welcome to 5thKind quick help, these documents are intended to help you do a particular task within the system. 


About Package Sharing

To share your package with other users in the system select the Share button in the top left. This will expand the share options.

Share Options


Adding users to your Share

You will see a recipient’s window at the top to select the users you wish to add. Type their names in the address field and select them or click the address book icon to open the address book and select the users from there.


Add your Comment

Type the comment you would like to share with the recipients in the comment window. This will be the body of the email message that is sent out and will be the first comment in the package thread for others to reply to.


Selecting package share options

  • Allow recipients to forward

  • Allow recipients to edit

  • Allow recipients to print

  • Send email notification

  • Notify when recipients view

  • Expire date


Choose your download options

  • User Default

  • View Only

  • Allow download of Watermarked assets

  • Allow download of Non-Watermarked assets


Hit Send

An email will be sent to each recipient you added in the recipients windows that will have a link to take them directly to the package.  If you chose to be notified on review you will get an email once they view the package.

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