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Receiving a Package                                                                                                                           

Welcome to 5thKind, this is a quick walkthrough of receiving a package, looking at the assets, and printing or saving the files included in the package.


Getting an email

When someone sends you a package you will receive an email from the system to your email account.  The email will show you who the package is from and include any notes that are included with the package.  You will see a “Link” in the email called “Click to View” or "View in 5th Kind" that will take you to that package in the system.




Select “Click to view” or "View in 5th Kind" and you will be taken to the login page.


Logging in

Login to the system using your username and password.  If this is the first time you have logged in you will be asked to input the password you would like to use, and then you can login with that password.



Set Password

login2013clean.png passwordreset.png

After logging in you will be taken directly to the package.

Viewing your Package

Your Active Package view will display all the assets contained in the current package. You will see the original package comment at the top and any additional comments that other recipient’s may have added.



Active Package



If you would like to reply to the senders comment select the Reply button on the right of the comment.


Reply Button


A box pop up will appear and you can type in your new comment in the comments area. Adding Recipients will allow you to add people that will be notified of your comment. You can also edit the Subject field that the email will be titled. You can also leave both these fields blank and just add a reply comment that everyone associated with the package will see.




If the package is downloadable you will see an orange Download button at the top of the page.
This will download all the files in the package to your local machine. 
To download, select the button and chose a download location you would like to download the assets to. 
The files will then be downloaded to the selected folder.


Download Button

Select Folder

download_button.png Select_Folder.png

Viewing an Asset

If you would like to view an asset in detail click on the thumbnail of the asset you would like to see.


When viewing a Video, Image or PDF you will see the asset media viewer videos will have player controls at the bottom, images will have image size and pan controls, and PDF’s will have a page viewer.

Video Controls


Image Controls


PDF Controls


Printing an asset

If you are viewing an image or PDF that you have permission to print you will see a print icon in the action bar. To print select the print icon. The system will watermark the file with your default watermark style and send you a PDF to print.

Print Icon



If you have additional question or issues please contact your Asset Manager or 5thKind Support


Thank You

5th Kind Support

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