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Creating a Package                                                                                                                              


About packages

The package option allows you to build a subset of assets to collect and share.  Think of it like a shopping cart. You can use the search to find the assets you wish to collect and then add them to the package.

Making a package

To make a new package select the "Package" icon in the upper left.  Then, from the dropdown, select "Create New Package."



You will then have a chance to name your package.  Hit "Enter" on your keyboard when you are done.


The package is now selected to be your active package. 

Adding Assets to your Package

You can add as many assets as you would like to your package. You can add a single asset, an asset group, or multiple assets and asset groups to your package.


Single Asset

To add a single asset to the package you can hover over a single thumbnail and select the “add to package” icon.



Asset Group

You can add all the assets in the asset group by selecting “Add To Package” from the "Options" dropdown in the asset group.

Multiple Asset Selection

Or if you are inside the asset group view you can Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click on a Mac) multiple thumbnails and then add just those assets by selecting “Add To Package” from the "Options" dropdown.


Active Package

Once you have selected the assets for your package, select the package from the dropdown of the "Package" icon.



Now that you are in your active package you can share it.

Sharing a Package


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