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 Welcome to 5thKind quick help, these documents are intended to help you do a particular task within the system. 


About Uploading

5thKind has 4 different ways to insert assets into the system;
“Uploader Tool”
“Upload to Group”
“Watch Folders”
“Auto Ingest”
Each way has its own advantage depending on the type of assets you are inserting.
New files on your computer you want to add into the system use the “Uploader Tool”. 
If you have files that are updates or companion files use the “Upload to Group”.
If you have a local system folder the “Watch Folder” is a fast way to add large batches of files you already have sorted into folders. 
The “Auto Ingest” feature is best when you are setting up a location on the network that you know the files will all have a naming convention to them.

Using the Uploader

The Uploader Tool can be found in the left nav under assets. To upload files into the system select “Upload Assets” in the Left Nav or the “Upload to group” button on the action bar.

Left Nav



When you select “Upload Assets” the file browser tool loads on the right panel. Select the files you wish to upload and select upload.

File Browser Tool


The Upload screen will show the desktop on your computer.  Select the file or files you wish to upload and select “Upload” in the top right.


Your file will now start uploading to the system. You will see a progress bar in the Left Nav that will show you the progress of your transfer.

 Please stay logged in until the upload bar on the left has finished. 

Once it has completed the upload you can log off.

Upload Progress


You will also be taken to the Categorize Asset page to assign the file with its Meta Data.

Catagorize Asset



See the "QuickHelp - Categorize Assets" for more details about assigning metadata.


Upload Into Group

 If you have files that are updates or companion files use the “Upload to Group”. You can find the upload to group icon on the action bar of an asset group or asset view page.

Upload to Group



Use the file browser to select the files you want to upload and select Upload Assets.

File Browser Tool


The Upload Screen will show the desktop on your computer.  Select the file or files you wish to upload and select “Upload” in the top right. The files you select will skip the "Categorizes Asset" page as the system will automatically apply the metadata of the group to the files.


Watch Folder

If you have a local system you will also have the Watchfolder Feature. Watchfolder ingest is the ability to copy the files you want to upload in the 5thKind Virtual Folder Structure, or 5K_VFS.  The system will use the directory that you copied the file into to apply the corresponding metadata. You will find this folder on your network.


The directory structure is setup to mirror the main metadata fields you would use in the upload tool. The folder structure looks like the following:


Production > Company > Dept > Code–SubCode > Asset Type > Sub Group


This is the production the file is for. This is normally the name of your show.

Examples: MIB3, Avengers, Superman


This is the company that created the file.  This is either the vendor or if the file was made in-house the internal company name.

Examples: ILM, Efilm, Warner Bros, Universal


This is the department that the file belongs to.

Examples: ART, VFX, Production, Locations


This directory is a parent-child folder. The dash in the folder name separates the parent from the child field. The “Code” is the main grouping used for the system and is required.  The Subcode is the secondary grouping of the assets and is optional.

Example: Scene_057, Smith_House, Smith_House-Kitchen

Asset Type:

This folder represents what type of files you are inserting.

Examples: Storyboard, Script, Footage, VFX shots

Sub Group: This last folder is optional.  You can copy your files in the asset type folder and the system will insert the.  If you would like an additional grouping option you can create it here.


Auto Ingest

The system can be configured to auto ingest files that live in a network directory that have set filename convention.  The system can use the filename convention to automatically tag the assets with the correct metadata.  Please see you 5thKind admin for details about setting this up.








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