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Commenting on a File                                                                                                                          

Welcome to 5thKind quick help, these docs are intended to help you do a particular task within the system.  For more detailed information please see the 5thKind manual.

About Commenting

The main communication used in the system is through Comments.  Comments can be applied to entire asset groups, single assets, or packages. Comments can be applied for everyone to see, or just to a select group of people.  After the first comment is made the users can choose to reply to the comment or start their own comment thread.

Creating a new Comment

To create a comment, simply select the Comment Icon on the action bar, Asset Thumbnail, or in comment button on the comment tab.

Action Bar                                                                               

 Asset Thumbnail

Comment Tab

Action_bar_comment-group.png  Thumbnail_Rollover_comment.png  Asset_Tab_Comments_button.png

Selecting the Comment icon will open the comment window. Comments work like a normal email message in that you have a Recipients area at the top to select the users you which to send your comment to, and a subject Line for your Comment and a Text area to write your comment.  You also have choices to make your comment private and to be notified when the recipients view your comment in the system.

Comment Window



Selecting Recipients

To send your comment to a user or group of users you can type there name in the recipients window.  The system will autocomplete as you type to help you select the user you are looking for. If you are not sure of the users name or wish to add a large group of users you can use the address book.


Write Your Comment

Once you have selected your recipients, create your subject and add your comment.


Comment Options

Before you send your comment you can choose to either make the comment private and/or be notified on review by using the comment option at the bottom of the comment window.

  • Set as Private: If you check the box by “Set as Private” you will make the comment private. This means that on you and the recipients will be able to see this comment.  If you have not selected any recipients, only you will be able to see your comment.

  • Notify on Review: If you check the box by “Notify on Review” you will receive an email when the recipient’s view the comment in the system.

When you are finished, click Send and if you have added recipients to the comment an email will be sent to them with your comment and a link will direct them back to the asset group, asset, or package you commented on.  If you have not added any recipients to your comment and you did not select “Private” your comment will be applied to the asset group or asset for others to see.

Finished Comment



Replying to a Comment

To reply to a comment select the Reply button and use the comment window to write your reply. Click “Send” and your reply will be created and added to the comment thread.

Comment Reply



Deleting a Comment

If you wish to delete a comment select the delete icon to the right of the reply button in the comment window. This will delete your comment.

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