Quick Help - Downloading a File

Downloading a File

Welcome to 5thKind quick help, these docs are intended to help you do a particular task within the system.  For more detailed information please see the 5thKind manual.


About Downloading

Whether you’re looking at the Search Results Page, Group Asset View, or Single Asset View, saving assets works exactly the same way.  Downloading files from the system uses a java app to allow you to select the destination folder and download large groups of files. When java is not available Download Zips are the alternative method of downloading.

Downloading Files from a Package or Email

1. Click on the link sent in the email.

2. The link will take you to 5th Kind and you will need to login if you are not already logged in.


3. View the package
After logging in you will be taken either to the package or you can navigate to the package from the package inbox.


4. Package Download Button
The Download button will show if the package is downloadable. A pre-watermarked package will have an orange button. Click the download button to download the package.

5. A Download Package window will open and you will select a download location by clicking on the blue text ( fig 1.) and then clicking the save button. (fig 2.)


6.  Your download will start and the Downloads box will open in the left. This will give you a progress of the download as it moves from Watermarking to Ready for download; which will automatically start when the file is ready.


7. Once completed, the download bar will be green and the file can be found by clicking on the folder icon. If you have trouble downloading, you can click the zip icon which will download the zip file (this zip will show when ready).


The following pop-up warnings may arise while the download initiates, please hit ALLOW and DON’T BLOCK on the following warnings.

Java Security


Package Zip Downloads                    
If you cannot download the package file for some reason (disabled Java; etc.) this is an alternative way to download them.

After Step 4. Above, (clicking orange download button) click instead on the zip file icon provided.

If a zip icon is not present, the download zip is still being prepared and you will have to try again momentarily. 


Select Download

The Save Icon appears in the asset action bar. In Single Asset View, clicking this icon will download only the single asset in the central viewer. If you’re browsing the Search Results, or looking at the Group Asset View, clicking this icon will download the entire group.

Save Icon Action Bar

Save Icon Thumbnail

 Action_bar_save-group.png  Thumbnail_Rollover_Save.png

When you select the save icon the save window will appear. You will see a thumbnail preview of the files you have selected, the local folder path the save is currently set to save too, the Advanced Options button, and the Save button. Click on Save will then save your files to the displayed folder with your default save settings.

Save Window



Choose Save Location

If you want to change the destination location, click on the file path link.

File Path Link


This will bring up the folder selector.  Choose the destination you wish to save to and click “Select Folder”

Select Folder



Advanced Save Options

The save window is set to your default save settings.  If you have access to change these settings and wish to change the save settings select the Advanced Options. Advanced us­ers may also see watermarking options for choosing specific user watermarks, or for watermarking for groups. These users can also select watermark styles and view a preview of the styles as well.

Advanced Save Options



  • Quality: Depending on your access you will see up to three different quality choices. Source, High, and Low.

    • Source: This will save the orginal file that was uploaded.
    • High: This will save the high quality proxy file that was created.
    • Low: This will save the low quality proxy file that was created.
  •  Custom Watermark: The Custom Watermark Tab gives you the option to select a different name to be watermarked on the file, set the watermark priority, and choose the watermark style.

  • Watermark Name: To select a user watermark, type their name in the input field. and then select them from the list that appears. Alternatively click “New” to create one for a new user.

  • Priority Setting: The Priority setting lets you assign a rank to the watermark queue.  If you need the watermark as a rush job select High, if you do not want this watermark job to interfear with other watermarks jobs going on select low. Normal is the default setting given to the watermark jobs.

  • Watermark Style: You can also choose the watermark style you would like to use. These are different looks to the size, shape, and orientation of the watermark that will be applied to the assets.  Use the dropdown to select the style you wish to use.  The thumbnail will change to give you a preview of your choice.

When you have finished selecting the options you want select the save button.  This will send any watermark jobs needed to the watermark queue and will add the job to your download queue. 


Download Progress Window

When you start a download you will see the download progress window appear in the left nav.  This will show you the current stage and progress of your downloads.

Left Nav Download


You will see the current file being downloaded at the bottom and the group’s total progress at the top of the Download Progress window.  At the top to the right of the progress indicators you will also find the download action icons.  They will appear when you hover over the progress bar. They are cancel, download zip, and folder link.


This will Cancel the download of this group.




Download Zip

The download zip icon will appear once the zip has been created.  If you wish to download the group as a zip file you can select this option. This is usefull if you are having and java issue with the download tool.

Download Zip



Folder Link

This will open the folder that the files are currently being downloaded to.

Folder Link


Please stay logged in until the Download bar on the left has finished.  Once it has completed the Download you can log off.

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