Using the Address Book in 5th Kind

Question: Can I create a distribution list for sharing packages?

It is certainly possible to create a distribution list, in our system we call them user lists. You just have to make the list once and then you can just select that list using the address book icon from then on.

1. If you comment on an asset, the comment box pops up and there will be an address book icon in the recipients field. Click on this icon to bring up the address book module.

2. A box will expand that has two columns, "Available Users" and "Selected Users." You can click on a user to select them or type in the empty field to search for a specific user and you can use the blue ">>" button to add them to the selected list, you should see the recipients field populating with these users.


3. Once you have selected all the users you want in this list you can save it by using the save icon directly below the selected users. Name your list and hit the green check button to save or press just press enter.
You have now saved a distribution list for future use.
Send the comment as you normally would.


4. Now that you have saved a distribution list, you can easily bring it up using the address book icon. Once you bring up the address book there will be a dropdown list right below the Available Users List with the words "select a user list". Pick the list you created and hit the blue >> button to add those users.


5. You can manage these lists, create, modify and delete them if you are a Crew List Manager. Under Crew List there will a section Manage User Lists. From here you can see a list of available lists and you can create a new one using the "New List" button in the top right. You can edit lists using the edit (pencil) icon or delete them using the red "X" icon.




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